Thursday, November 1, 2012

#78 Make a crocheted rug with the material I bought.

My bathroom rug was in terrible shape, I had bought it years ago at a craft sale.  It was woven on a loom.  I bought material to cut into strips and then crochet into a rug like my friend Becky H does.  The rugs are thick and very comfortable for standing on. 

The center of the rug is from the old rug in the bathroom.  I took it apart and then reused the material in the new rug.  The blue is material I bought and then cut into strips.  The plain white ball that you see in the top two pictures is from a bedskirt that was falling apart.  The outer white is actually a polka dotted fabric that I bought.  I love how it turned out and how comfortable it is under my feet.  There is a lot of cush and absorption to it.  It is also very heavy!  I have started a second one made out of t-shirts and a jersey sheet that was wearing out.  It takes a considerable amount of time cutting the fabric into strips but I like the thickness of these rugs.  I will be making more!..

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