Saturday, March 3, 2012

# 93 Rewire/replace 5 outlets in my house 3/3/12

I hate working with electricity.  I also hate it when you plug something in and the plug falls out of the wall.  That is what inspired this goal.  Off I go to Menards to get new outlets.  Who knew that you had to know what amps and volts you need.  I guessed right on the kind I needed.  I guessed wrong on the color that would match the rest of my outlets.  I started with the outlet in Jason's room.  Being paranoid about the electricity thing I turned off the power to the whole house.  The first one went really good.  The people who put them together really cranked the screws on tight.  After the first one I turned the power back on and plugged a nightlight in to make sure it worked and didn't blow anything up.  I did really good until the last outlet.  This outlet is connected to two other outlets and is controlled by a switch.  The replacing went great, but I somehow screwed up the light switch thing.  The outlets work, but the switch does nothing at all. 
I googled what may be wrong with the outlet and discovered that there is a metal tab that needs to be broken off of the new outlet to make the switch work.  I will have to wait until another day to fix this because it is now dark out and I would rather wait to do it in the daylight.  Problem solved and another item crossed off the list.

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