Saturday, March 3, 2012

#57 Go to an Art Museum 2/4/12

So, my good friend Janet and I planned a trip to the Walker Art Museum.  We managed to talk two of our guy friends (Steve and Glen) into going with us.  I haven't been to the Walker in years, I think the last time I was there was in college.  I met Janet and Glen at Ridgedale (they were coming from St. Cloud) and we drove together.  Janet drove since she grew up in the cities and she has the GPS.  Steve was going to meet us there, he is from Blaine.  We managed to get lost even with the GPS, we were only a couple of blocks off.  Thanks to a "Minnesota Nice" pedestrian we were soon at our destination.  Steve went in a different door than we did and we waited around for a while before we hooked up.
The Walker is larger than I remember it.  We walked around for about 3 hours and still didn't see all of the displays.  The Walker is filled with modern art unlike the Metropolitan Museum which has more traditional forms.  Some of the pieces were very different.  There was one of a box that was made of mirrors and had holes to look into.  That one was very interesting, depending on which wall was behind you and what pieces of art were on the wall, changed how the box looked inside. I was drawn more toward the black and white pieces for some reason.  Steve and Janet sat and watched a video of a McDonalds being flooded. 
After the Walker we went to a small coffee shop and talked for a while because our dinner reservations weren't for another hour.  Dinner was at a brewery and the food was really good.  We sat and discussed the art and other things in life.   It was a very successful outing and I hope that we can do it again sometime. What a great group of friends to go to a museum with. A variety of opinions and tastes.  Thanks Janet, Steve, and Glen for helping me cross this one off my list. 

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