Wednesday, July 20, 2011

# 8 Make a bucket list 7/20/11

Since I was going to post the other things I had done, I decided to see if I could complete a goal today.  So in looking at the list I decided to write out a bucket list.  Some of these things overlap with my 101 goals.
1.  See the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.  This is the castle that Disney modeled the Disney world Cinderella castle after.  I have a soft spot for castles, dragons, fairies and all things fantasy.
2.  See the Colosseum in Rome.  As a bonus I may get to see Chiara, she was a foreign exchange student Jenni's senior year and they became very good friends.  She spent many hours at my house.
3.  Go to the Louvre.  As an Art major I have heard so much about this place that I can't imagine not seeing it.
4.  Have a picture (painting or photo) displayed in a gallery.  Another art major thing.
5.  Live in the country.  I miss the country, it's quietness and the space.
6.  Have a garden.  This goes hand in hand with the living in the country, right now I don't have the space to have a garden.  I have too many trees that block the sunlight that a garden would need .  I miss planting, watching the plants grow and produce.  I even miss weeding, just a little.  I have pots on my deck, but they don't mature due to the lack of space and sunlight.
7.  Get a German Shepherd dog.  Living in the city, it would be cruel to have a large dog that couldn't run and would have to be cooped up in a pen or in the house.  I have always wanted a German shepherd dog.  I think they are so beautiful.  If it is male I want to name him Gunther or Kaiser.  :)
8.  Move closer to my parents.  They are getting older and are in need of more help.  My brother does so much for them and I am so thankful that he does.  I would like to share the load.
9.  Go on another trip with my sister, Rachel.  I had a great time with her when we went to Australia.  I thought we traveled well together, I hope she thinks so too. I have MANY great memories of that trip.
10.  Go back to Australia and see the Great Barrier Reef and the Southern Cross.  Those were the two things that I would've like to see when we were in Australia that I didn't get to see. 

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