Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#7 Visit my Grandparents graves 7/16/11

This another goal copied off my sister's list.  This may sound like a morbid thing to do but with losing a child, it just makes sense to me.  My paternal grandparents are buried in the same cemetery as my daughter Sarah.  As a result I visit their graves briefly every time I go to Sarah's.  I try to make it back to the farm around Memorial Day and put a pot of flowers on Sarah's grave that stay there all summer.  My parents like to ride along and stop at Emma's and Otto's graves before we go to Sarah's.  After we are done with that cemetery we head over to the Taylor Cemetery to visit the graves of my Dad's grandparents.  Both of these cemeteries are within a mile (opposite directions) of my parent's farm.  I regret to say that have only visited my maternal grandparents graves once before this and that was when they were buried.  I was talking about this adventure to some friends and they thought it would make a great bike ride.  So off we went on our bikes on a misty Saturday morning.  It soon cleared up and became very hot.  The cemetery was a little hard to find, even with directions.  My Mom had given me descriptions and directions on how to find not only my grand parents but also both sets of great-grandparents from her side of the family (they are all buried in the same cemetery).  I did end up calling to clarify directions and found the sites.  I think that exceeded the expectations on this goal. I not only visited grandparents, but also 3 out of the 4 sets of great-grandparents also.  The last set is buried in Indiana, if I am ever down that way I will be sure to stop. 

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