Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#61 See a play at the Guthrie

I have not been to the Guthrie since high school,  (just a few years) That was long before they moved it down by the river.  I love to see plays and get lost in the magic.  Dan and Nicole gave me tickets to "As You Like It" as a thank you for helping with their wedding. I had a general idea of the plot before I went, but not details.  The play was in Dowling Studio for those of you that know the Guthrie.  As with all of Shakespeare's plays it takes a while to get used to the wordage.  I did think that the first act was very confusing though.  I also didn't understand the woodland creatures.  I am not that well versed on Shakespeare, so I may be missing something. With that said I had a really good time.  The views are wonderful from the building.  I would love to watch a thunderstorm from there sometime.  The part where the floor was covered with clear plexiglass was scary to me.  I did walk across it, but very, very carefully.  I would like to thank Pete for going with me and being driver (I hate driving in the cities).  I would love to go to another play!

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