Sunday, January 22, 2012

# 31 Go to a movie by myself 1/20/12

I have been divorced for 17 years now, longer than I was married. Despite that  I have always had trouble walking into certain places by myself; restaurants, bars, movie theaters, church, to name a few.  They seem to be "couple" places.  Or at least a place that someone my age should walk in with a significant other.  Even church, walking in alone bothers me.  I don't know why it should, I always went alone when I was married.  I don't know that I will ever get over the uncomfortable feeling.  To face my fears I decided while writing this list that I should go to the movies by myself.  There have been many movies over the years that I have wanted to go to, but didn't because I had no one to go with.  Some movies are so much better in the theater with surround sound. 
The movie that I chose was "Breaking Dawn, part 1".  I have the other three movies and two of the three I waited to see them until the DVD came out.  It was playing at the State Theater here in town.  The State Theater is commonly known around here as the 'cheap seats'.  The movies are older, but the price for a Friday night movie is only $3.50.  I decided to give myself the entire experience so I got a water and a small popcorn.  It was really weird sitting there by myself waiting for the movie to start.  It felt like everyone was looking at me....why is she alone?  All in my mind, right?
The movie was pretty good.  The book is always better in my experience.  Which to I prefer Jacob or Edward?  I am team Jacob all the way!  The books did a better job of describing the physical attributes of a vampire and a werewolf.  Edward is hard, cold, and can read minds.  Jacob is warm, fuzzy, and loyal.  My thoughts would not be intruded on or twisted out of context.  Besides I like hairy chests!
I think I will be less hesitant to go to a movie by myself next time.  It is fun to go out to a movie once in a while.  I do like to be able to pause when there is an interruption.  But there are less interruptions at a theater.

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