Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time

I had a wonderful Christmas.  Lots of food and time with family.  My family is very supportive of my 101 things.  Jason spent a good hour or more setting up the percentage widget on Christmas Eve morning.  And by setting up, I meaning writing the code to make it work!  I have smart kids.   I received 4 presents to further complete my list.

My three children combined their resources and are going to fly me to Florida to see my friend Cindy (item # 62).  I met Cindy when her family came to stay at our farm for the summer in 1970.  My parents participated in "Farm Vacations".  Where people would come and stay on a working farm for their vacation.  Cindy's Dad worked at Honeywell, he was transferred to Minnesota to work on a special project.  So Cindy and I, being the same age, were inseparable.  Seven years later they spent another summer at the farm.  Cindy and I have kept in touch all of this time.  We aren't very good letter writers, but we pick up right where we left off even if we haven't talked in a year.  I am so excited.  I would like to surprise her for her birthday in April.  I have written to her parents who live close to her.  I am hoping to enlist their and her husband Jack's help. 

Jenni went above and beyond this year.  In addition to helping with the plane tickets, she got me a gift certificate to go get a pedicure (item # 51).  The certificate is for two people, so the two of us can have them together.  Mother and Daughter bonding time!!  Now I just need to find a time when she isn't busy before she goes back to school.

My fabulous sister, Rachel bought me tickets to Chanhassen Dinner Theater(item # 30).  We are going to go see "All Shook Up".  Jenni was really jealous when she heard that.  She loves Elvis.  If Rachel is unable to make it, due to weather, I have a back up date.  I'm only going to tell who it is if I need to use that person. 

My other fabulous sister, Diana also got me a present involving my 101 things.  She got me a Planisphere (item # 33).  Now I can bring my chart out with me when I go star gazing.  I was reading about how to use it yesterday.  It is really cool.  It shows the star positions for every day of the year. 

I love my family, they are the best!!  I enjoy just spending time with them.  My Dad made a present for everyone this year.  If you are at my house ask to see the bracelet tree that I got, it is just beautiful.  It is almost a crime to cover it with bracelets.  All the gifts he made were beautiful.  The funniest moment of Christmas was Jenni getting her clap on disco ball from Dan.  I guess you had to be there!

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