Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Beginning

I'll am following in my sisters footsteps and creating a blog for my 101 thing in 1001 days.  Thank you Mike (my nephew) for getting us started on this project.  I have been working on this project since Sept. 14.  I started on that day so that I could end on my birthday in 2013.

1.  Make a will
2.  Make a living will
3.  Practice piano 15 minutes a day for 3 days a week for 4 weeks  10/30/10
4.  Paint 3 large (over 16 x 20) pictures in acrylic or oil paints
5.  Do yoga 2 times a week for a month
6.  Lose XXX pounds  (you don't need to know the exact amount)
7.  Visit all my grandparents graves.
8.  Write a bucket list of at least 10 things.
9.   Practice belly dancing once a week for 6 weeks.
10.  Don't complain about anything for a week.
11.  Throw 2 murder mystery parties
12.  Throw two menu mystery parties.
13.  Make a list of 25 things I do well.
14.  Go to a Renaissance fair with both of my sisters.
15.  Finish the book "I don't know what I want to do, but I know it isn't this"
16.  Start and finish "What color is your parachute"
17.  Take 10 book suggestions from people and read them.
18.  Sign up for couch surfing.  10/16/10
19.  Say yes to any BE team opportunities that come my way
20.  Make 6 afghans for the NICU at Children's Hospital and send them,
21.  Start gardening- plots or tear out some of my yard.  Plant and harvest 10 different crops.
22.  Buy a pair of capris and wear them 10 times.
23.  Leave 101 operation notes.
24.  Summit a photo to a photo contest.
25.  Take 10 frame worthy photos, frame them and hang them in my house.
26.  Make 1000 paper cranes and make a wish.
27.  Attempt to become better at drawing by filling a sketch book with my own efforts.
28.  Invite people over 10 nights-- a bunch of people, not just one.
29.  Hold a conversation with someone I don't know once a month.
30.  Go to Chanhassen Dinner theater
31.  Go to a movie by myself
32.  Visit 5 new places in Mn on my bike
33.  Learn 5 new Constellations
34.  Make 10 jewelry pieces from silver in my shop--must include soldering
35.  Send 3 people who aren't related to me a surprise, just because
36.  Create a power point presentation ans show it to at least 5 people.
37.  Participate in postcrossing
38.  Get a tattoo
39.  Write a feel good thinking of you card to a friend once a month
40.  Learn to make caramel rolls like Moms  11/4/10
41.  Learn to make pie crust like Moms
42. learn to juggle
43.  Redo/ fine tune my Resume
44.  Send out a 24 resumes before my 1001 days is over
45.  Go through the clothes in my closet and throw out at least 10 things.
46.  Hang out laundry at least once a month even in the winter
47.  Clean out Jason's room and set it up for daycare, craft area, and couch surfing
48.  re-paint Jason's room
49.  Travel over seas
50.  Travel to a state I have never been to
51.  Get a pedicure
52.  Go to Canada with Janet D.
53.  Set up a plenty of fish profile  10/6/10
54.  Take a pole dancing class
55.  Take a community Ed class
56.  Act in a play or skit
57.  Go to an art museum
58.  Finish my vision boards
59.  Road trip with Jenni
60.  Learn to whistle with my fingers
61.  Go see a play at the Guthrie
62.  Go visit Cindy
63.  Spend a "Nana and Cedric" day--going to the Zoo or something like that
64.  Host 3 game days for my kids
65.  Host 2 menu mystery dinners for my kids
66.  Host a murder mystery dinner for my kids
67.  Participate in Minnesota Nice
68.  Finish my list  :)
69.  Scrapbook my Australia trip
70.  Read 10 books I haven't read from Mrs. Proulx's "Reading list for a well-educated adult"
71.  Use my bread machine  Completed 9/19/2010
72.  Write a poem
73.  Write 40 notes during lent--telling 40 people how they were important in my life
74.  Learn a new recipe--not dessert
75. read the KJV Bible
76.  Memorize the Old Testament books
77.  Learn to do cartwheels gracefully like I used to do
78.  Make a crochet rug with the material that I bought
79.  Make a quilt
80.  Take everything out from under the stairs and put nothing back
81.  Try Geo-caching.   10/6/10
82.  Do my digital photography pamphlet
83.  Teach Nicole to crochet
84.  Teach a community Ed class.   10/28/10
85.  Go to a Ballet
86.  Refinish Grandma's Buffet
87.  Make Home-made Vegetable Beef soup.  11/21/10
88.  Do the 30 day picture Challenge.
89.  Create a blog about this project and post at least 20 times.
90.  Perform 30 random acts of kindness
91.  Take a small engines class-community Ed.-community college- on line-book
92.  Become involved in MISS
93.  Rewire/replace 5 outlets in my house
94.  Ride in a hot air balloon
95.  Write a letter to open in 5 years
96.  Write a letter to each of my children telling them what I admire about them.
97.  Learn to meditate and do so 20 times
98.  Get a massage
99.  Call or visit Mom and Dad at least once a month.
100.  Talk to or e-mail my siblings at least once a month.
101.  Give 10 dollars to charity for each item that I do not complete

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