Monday, May 20, 2013

#36 Design a Power Point presentation and show it to at least 5 people 5/18/13

I was asked to help with a BE connected meeting.  In these meetings we get together and find topics that are interesting to people that are dating again.  Our subject was Andy Stanley's "Love, Sex, and Dating ; the New Rules".  Nettie and Jeff did a great job last fall presenting the first of 4 segments of this series.  Pete and I decided to focus on the last segment  in the series.  To review the other section I put together an 8 slide power point.  It was actually really easy.  It just takes time, like everything else.  It was well received and I had 18 people that watched it.   We ended the get together with our rendition of 'The Dating Game'.  My good friend Janet D. scripted it for us.  Both the actors and the audience had a good time.

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