Saturday, June 4, 2011

#22 buy a pair of capri's and wear them 10 times

Completed 6/4/2011

I don't like clothes that don't fit, although I have been known to wear things too tight.  Just ask my younger sister about the famous red satin pants.   Capri's (for me) fall into the category of ill-fitting clothes.  They are too short, high waders.  I wore pedal pushers as a child (I know I just dated myself), and hated them.  Mostly because they were my older sister's first (nothing against my sister).  Being the youngest of 4 children born with-in 4 years I grew up wearing hand-me-downs.  This was a necessary in our family due to finances and I did it with my kids as they were growing up.  Sometimes I would wait impatiently for a certain piece of clothing to make it to me.  The advantage of hand-me-downs is that they are broken in and very comfortable.  So that explains my aversion to capri's.  That and I think that they make most (not all) people who wear them look 'hippy'.  So in my search for capris I decided to go with a jean material that was tighter at the knees.  I thought this would make them seem less like high-waders to me.  Next was the sizing dilemma for me.  Gina happened to call as I was shopping.  I was told if they fit at the waist then they fit, so I bought a pair that seemed to fit.  The size down was too tight.  I think that they stretched in the wearing, because now I am constantly pulling them up and have tons of room in the waist.  I would love to tell you that I lost that much weight, but sadly not true. 
So, after wearing them 10 times, I have to admit that they are okay.  Days when it is too hot for pants, but too cool for shorts are perfect for capri's.  I am not going to run out and flood my closet with them ,but I am also not going to burn them in triumph (that I managed to wear them 10 times).  I'm glad that I chose the tighter ones around the knee.  I don't think I would've made it 10 times with the other ones.

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