Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where I have I been?

I do apologize for not being on my blog for a long time.  I decided to go back to school.  It was a rather quick decision.  I signed up for classes three days before the new semester started.  My extra time has been spent doing homework.  I haven't had a lot of time to work on my 101 projects.  I have been working on some.   Crocheting baby blankets for NICU at Childrens (I have 2 done and am working on the third of six).   I printed out the cards for Item#73.   I keep starting the not complaining for a week (it is really hard to do).   I threw a menu mystery party on Feb 12 with the help of my friend Janet (one more to go).   I have been making paper cranes (I'm up 220).  I have been keeping up with the holding a conversation with someone I don't know once a month.  I have adapted the hanging out the laundry once a month to hanging laundry.  I have put up lines in my laundry room and only put about one load a month in the dryer.  It has made a significant difference in my energy bill.  I have been reading the Bible, I found an on-line program to read the Bible in a year.  So as you can see I am still working on things, just not getting them done.  I'm off to do something on the list, it's spring break this week, so maybe I'll finish one.

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