Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where have you been?

What happened to Janet and Family??
The last year and a half have been a rollercoaster ride that is for sure!  I apologize to those of you that have heard the story for repeating it.  Here goes:  On March 8, 2014 I sold the Hutchinson house and moved into a rental in Garrison MN (move #1).  I had lots of help from family and friends which I greatly appreciated.  Shortly after I moved in the house I was renting, sold.  I had to remove the cats immediately (move #2 for the cats).  I moved my belongings to Milaca and myself into a 27 ft camping trailer that my brother Tim graciously let me borrow (move #2 for the belongings and me, move #3 for the cats).  The camper was parked on my parent’s west lawn.  I moved into the camper at the end of April.  It was cold!  The camper didn’t have a heater, so I got a space heater (which honestly didn’t heat the camper very well). 
At the beginning of May I signed papers to buy 5.87 acres of land and build a new house right outside the town of Pease, MN.  I also went on a road trip to Texas in May.  Jenni took a new job at the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, TX.  I drove some of her belongings down to her.  It was a long (15.5 hours one way) drive but my friend Janet D went with me.  We had a good time despite the soreness we developed from sitting so long.
In June I was let go from my Personal assistant job in Milaca.  I was very glad not to have many bills at that time.  I spent June and July looking for a job and helping Mom and Dad with their garden and mowing lawn.  I am very grateful for the extra time that I got to spend with my parents.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friend support during this very stressful time for me.  July 7 the backhoe arrived to dig the hole for my basement.  My house was finally started!  I was so excited to see something happening.  The crew that I was working with was unbelievably nice.  They let me get in the way and “help” with the work. I laid some block on the foundation and even put up one of the walls in the kitchen.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  If you ever need a contractor Mark Baas is WONDERFUL!  The guys listened to my concerns and suggested alternatives if my idea wasn’t feasible. 
In August I moved my belongings into a storage unit in Pease (move #3 for my belongings) I want to thank my loyal movers again.  I don’t know where I would be without you.  I promise I will not move for a very long time.  I was hired at Lakes and Pines at the end of August.  Unfortunately I started my new job at the same time that my house was ready for painting, staining, varnishing and laying the floors. 
September was unbelievably busy with working on the house and learning a new job.  The kitchen porcelain floor and the bathroom Lake Superior rock floors were laid on Labor Day weekend.  Mom and Dad helped me so much with the painting, staining and varnishing.  Dan had shoulder surgery in mid September.  Dan and I switched cars for a month because he couldn’t drive stick with his bandaged shoulder.   I had issues with the gas company and ended up having to install propane for 3 months.  The house had to be heated to install the wood floor and by that time it was the middle of October and starting to get cold again.  I am so glad we had such a mild October.  On Oct 25 I moved into my new house (Move #4).  Can I say again how grateful I am for the help of family and friends? 
On February 19, 2015 ElliAnna Rachel Marie Swanson was born.  I was privileged to be asked to take care of Evie during the time that Jason and Michelle were in the hospital.   Michelle had an emergency c-section and Jason needed to help her.  Jenni also arrived in Minnesota February 19.  It was so nice to actually see all three of my kids in the same room even for a short time. 
I still have things to do in the house, pictures aren’t up in all of the rooms, the entryway penny floor is unfinished, the yard is a work in progress, and the list goes on.  The cats are settling in, they still don’t like to be picked up because they are afraid they are going to be moved again.  I love my new open kitchen and all of the windows.  I have a garden plowed and am looking forward to planting it.  I have trees to plant and flower beds to create; I want to get bees and chickens.  There are a lot of plans that are going to take time. 
I am pleased to be able to go to events for Cedric now that I am closer.  I helped with one of his Cub Scout badges and was able to be there for his bridge ceremony from Cub Scout to Boy Scout.  He will be 11 in August.  Where does the time go?  Evie is almost two and starting potty training.  She is so adorable, big blue eyes and brown hair.  It will be exciting to see Ellie pass milestones.  Three beautiful grandchildren and three wonderful children; I am truly blessed!!

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