Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#74 Learn a new recipe--not a dessert 9/24/2011

I have actually been trying quite a few new recipes.  I made Hot Pepper Jam for the first time this year.  I planted jalapenos peppers just for the jam.  I do like the way it tastes.  If you have ever had Sweet Chili Sauce, you have an idea of how it tastes.  I first tasted Sweet Chili Sauce in Australia.  They serve it with french fries and sour cream.  It is so good!!!!!! 
 I also tried making Salsa for the first time.  I am not much of a tomato eater, so this is really a stretch for me.  I used my Aunt LaVerne's recipe...with a few tweaks of course  :)  It turned out really good, I haven't gotten any bad press from anyone.  Jenni said that she ate a half of jar the first time she tasted it.  I think I added more jalapenos than it called for just because I had them.  I have to thank the people that donated garden produce to make it possible...my Mom and my friend Becky.
The last recipe that I would like to talk about is Drunken Chili.  I have it every year that I go to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee.  They serve it in a bread bowl and there is only one stand that has it.  It isn't on the menu, you have to ask for it.  They fill half the bowl with chili and then fill the rest of the bowl with beer cheese soup.  So I have to thank Jerome for giving me the cook book where I found both of the recipes.  The recipes included Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream (my all time favorite).  The chili recipe was labeled Wendy's Chili and the Beer Cheese soup was from the 101st Airborne.  Being unable to follow directions, I added extras to each because I had them.  I have to admit it turned out really good.  I brought it to a potluck and there was only one serving of chili left.  There was more beer cheese soup, but I don't think that everyone knew to mix them together.  I will definitely make them again.  I just hope they turn out as well since I changed the recipes.

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